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K2 Solutions Group Inc.

I am the President of K2 Solutions Group, Inc. which I founded in 2008. The services offered by K2 Solutions Group are centered around three conceptual areas of Service Management (ITIL/ITSM); Sustainability, Knowledge Enablement and Simplicity. All of these areas are interconnected by the common need to transform data into actionable information.  That interconnection comes from establishing relationships between the data elements until there is a clear understanding of what the information is and how it can be leveraged in your decision management processes. Visit us at www.k2sg.com for more details about K2 Solutions Group, Inc.


"The Ascent" blog is a recent addition to the types of channels I am using to communicate information out to individuals. Please visit the site and subscribe to the weekly broadcast of postings. Click here to be take the blog.


The CMDB Imperative: How to realize the Dream and avoid the Nightmares

I co-authored this book with Glenn O'Donnell a leading industry analyst from Forrester Research. It is being published by Prentice Hall and will be available in March 2009.

"The CMDB Imperative" Website: www.cmdbimperative.com

Pre-order "The CMDB Imperative" on Amazon.com:  "The CMDB Imperative"



I keep an updated profile of my professional credentials on LinkedIn.  Feel free to visit and see my detailed background.



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